Architects in Regent's Park

List of Regent's Park based architecture firms offering commercial and residential architectural services.

jmarchitects has developed into one of the UK's foremost architectural practices since its formation in 1962. Our aim is to create the best spaces, buildings and places with a level of design excellence that satisfies, delights and inspires our clients.

The practice consists of a team of architects specialising in the development of elegant, functional and modernist design. The requirements of the brief are carefully analysed in close consultation with the client. The final design is arrived at by establishing the essential components, to which is then added a richness of function

Based in Edinburgh, Fife, London and Manchester Hurd Rolland Partnership Chartered Architects places great importance on understanding and clarifying each client's needs. We achieve the full potential of every site by creating responsive, distinctive and contextual architecture within diverse sectors, including: Offices, retail, public and leisure, law courts, education, conservation and residential.

Flexibility, innovation and practicality are three key items which underpin our design philosophy, and which we believe are key in creating the best building possible. We are not image architects with a pre-prepared prescription for all projects: our preoccupation is with an architecture that is coherent, both intellectually and emotionally from concept through to detail.

The Kalyvides Partnership is a design led practice specialising in masterplanning, architecture, urban design and realising potential through rigorous analysis stimulating, innovative and imaginative design.Tryfon Kalyvides set up The Kalyvides Partnership in 1994 with a primary emphasis on architecture within the urban environment. He is the principle partner and design leader within the practice.

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