Waterland Associates are a company of architects and interior designers based in Oundle, Northamptonshire. Our practice is renowned for passion in design and exceptional customer service. No matter what size your project, we will provide imaginative design flair and attention to detail from creativity to completion.

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  City Peterborough
  Postcode PE8 4EJ
  Address Waterland Hse/West St Oundle
  Phone Number 018 3227 0123

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The romantic image of the architect is of the aesthete, clutching a pencil or drafting pen standing in front of a drawing board with an Anglepoise lamp (often wearing a bow tie or cravat). The reality is very different, involving computers complex software and mountains of regulations (and definitely not a bow tie or cravat to be seen!). We work with you to finalise your brief; taking time to ensure we all understand exactly what you are hoping to achieve with your building project. Once we have agreed the brief we develop initial sketch options.

The laws and regulations around planning in the UK are there to protect us when somebody else is proposing a development that affects us; it's comforting to know that we have a system in place that holds the developer to account and is there to protect the best interests of everybody who may be affected by the development. However, the planning system doesn't seem quite so benign when you find yourself in the role of developer. But when you are considering building work that is exactly what you are.

Project Management has only relatively recently become recognised as a separate profession within the building industry. The role has come to the fore in recent times as a result of the ever increasing complexity of the process of getting buildings built, the ever more stringent legislative requirements and the necessity to ensure due diligence in cost control. Clients often assume that when they appoint an architect to design a building they are also appointing them to project manage the process; this is not the case.

At Waterland Associates we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their vision for their projects, right down to the very last detail; whether it is their home, their workspace or any other project. We are delighted to now offer in-house Interior Design Services through our newly formed Waterland Interiors. We can take you on the complete journey from the earliest thoughts about the spaces you want to create, right through to choosing the detailed palette of colours, finishes fabrics and furniture to transform your building from an enclosure to a welcoming environment that can be inhabited and enjoyed to the fullest.

We can look at where you might need to balance the requirements of conflicting pressures and give you options of how to get the best solution to complex problems. We can help you visualise the building in its surroundings and understand exactly what it's going to look like as part of the decision making process. We can administer a building contract so that you have peace of mind that you will be totally in control of both the budget and the process from start to finish. We can advise you on how to get the best value for money and ensure that you appoint the best contractor for your particular project.

Waterland Associates have extensive experience working in the commercial environment, whether its offices, retail, processing or hospitality, we have designed and helped project manage both new build and refurbishment commissions with a build cost from small works that can otherwise tie up you valuable human resources up to major multi-million pound projects. We can look at where you might need to balance the requirements of conflicting pressures and give you options of how to get the best solution to complex problems.