We proudly boast 42 years solid experience in architecture, surveying, and planning. Our expertise is built on an intimate long term knowledge of the building industry, and its history.

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  City Bedford
  Postcode MK43 7TD
  Address 3 Brockwell Oakley
  Phone Number 012 3482 5761

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An Englishman's Home is his Castle, so they say. Why then do so many people allow just anyone through the front door to draw up Plans which usually include structural alterations, when they want an extension? Especially when you take into account that their Home is the most valuable asset they more than likely possess. With interest rates currently stable, and more people opting to improve, rather than move, the Business for Extensions is Competitive. But nothing in life is free and the home truth is there is no such thing as a CHEAP SET OF ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS.