We believe that architecture is important to every-one. The built environment shapes our experiences and influences the quality of our daily lives. Our aim is to create the highest quality built form and environment conditions to enable us to live, work and play to our full potential. Our design process takes a holistic approach which incorporates parallel processes of 'outwards in' and 'inwards out'. This is reflected in the range of integrated design services we provide. Our environmental design approach recognises that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts, and that good design can seek to resolve the contradictory forces which shape our surroundings.

An example of our services:
- Architecture
- Structural Design & Calculations
- Domestic
- Commercial
- Contemporary
- Listed Buildings
- Barn Conversions
- Conservation Areas
- Planning Law
- Contract Administration

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  • Flintshire Denbghshire

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  City Holywell
  Postcode CH8 9HL
  Phone Number 017 4556 3100

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Andrew Roberts, is a poor excuse for a Chartered Surveyor. We asked him to give us calculations and in the end we cancelled the contract due to his poor communication and the length of time he was taking. Did not refund the money that was paid to him.
i requested a receipt as proof, eventually he sent one, however different address to the original quote, doesn't live at this address nor did he live at the address that was given on the quote.

Business owner response:
I'm not a chartered surveyor. He cancelled owing to a change in design to which I assume the change constituted less structural work.. Mr Evans used the excuse of poor performance yet the work was complete. Mr Evans proceeded to demand fees returned and if not he became verbally aggressive via texts and emails, this continued for a few weeks using threating's messages stating that he's coming to my home [covid19 work from home] , should the fee not be returned by such a day.. the address perhaps my error though i own both properties and have for some 15 years ... he states proof of payment.. saying eventually i sent one.. Mr Evans needs to ask himself why a slow response.. if one forms a promise with another its a bond.. like any business order a phone contract then one argues don't need it anymore, economic loss.. a change of mind is economic loss .. digital aggressive messages claiming you cancelled the design by suggesting a lack of performance as a defence.. your may have been architect informed of your design change thus amounting to less steel.. Martin Evans is not ashamed of his attitude and digital massaging insofar as damaging to a person's reputation. Defamation is the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation and usually constitutes a tort or crime. you continued with a threat to knock my door even though being a child's family home.. your aggressive abuse frightened my children.. poor excuse for a failed client..

Value for money
Service & supportWill not answer calls. Address he used are incorrect
LocationWouldnt know as he has 3 different addresses that he uses
Overall ratingPoor